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News from MEGAFON

Trends ’13: The economic crisis has become everyday life
21. marts 2013
The results of this year’s "Trends" study among advertisers and consumers are more or less at the same level as last year. more

Danes consider China the new economic super power
21. marts 2013
In ten years, China will have taken over the US’ role as the super power of the world economy, a majority of the Danes believe. more

Danes prefer old-fashioned letters
28. juni 2012
Six out of ten respondents believe that a letter makes them read the information carefully. more

Danes: "Glasses are too expensive"
28. juni 2012
MEGAFON has investigated the Danes’ view on the prices for glasses in Denmark. more

What do the Danes think about Israel?
14. maj 2008
MEGAFON are right now engaged in a major study for the state of Israel, where the objective is to see how the Danes perceive Israel. The study is part of a larger Israeli research project that deals with Israel’s reputation in a global perspective. It is MEGAFON’s task to identify the specific circumstances that have decisive impact on the Dane’s attitude to and perception on the state of Israel. more

MEGAFON — one of Denmark's first ISO-certified research institutes
24. marts 2008
As one of Denmark’s first research institutes MEGAFON has now conformed to the ISO 20252-standard. This certification is based on international standards, which define market research specific minimum requirements for research institutes. more

DR Licence — who are the licence evaders?
16. februar 2008
Together with DR, MEGAFON has carried out a big qualitative and quantitative survey about licence fee and licence evasion. more

MEGAFON — once again Denmark's most precise research institute
28. november 2007
At 8.07 p.m on election day the 13th of November 2007, MEGAFON delivered the final exit poll for TV2. As usual, this poll by MEGAFON turned out to be the one that matched the real result the most. more

Do-it-yourself consumers prefer the Swan
16. august 2007
The official Nordic environmental label, the Swan, is in a stronger position than both EU's Ecolabel Flower and the Asthma and Allergy label. more

Blogs and newspapers
27. marts 2007
This article is an abstract of the latest scientific work, MEGAFON has contributed to. The assignment was written by Sanni Brandt and Gitte Skydsbæk Hansen at Copenhagen University's department for film and media sciences in 2007. Their work focused on the use of blogs by Danish papers. more

One out of five Danes are dissatisfied with their sex life
27. december 2006
61% of the Danes think that they do not get enough sex. Furthermore they think that their partner cannot live up to their expectations. more

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