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MEGAFON's profile

MEGAFON is a modern Danish market research- and consulting firm with test localities and call centre in the central borough of Frederiskberg in Copenhagen. MEGAFON was established in 1991 and is owned and managed by C.E.O Asger H. Nielsen.

Full service

MEGAFON is a full service institute and we conduct all types of research and consulting projects within the areas of awareness and opinion polls, product and branding surveys, satisfaction surveys or communication and media analysis. With precision and clarity.
  • MEGAFON offers all types of qualitative research, for example group interviews, in depth interviews, observations, triangular interviews etc. nation wide.
  • MEGAFON offers all types of quantitative research, such as telephone interviews (cati), hall tests, personal interviews (capi), postal surveys, web surveys (cawi), sms surveys undersøgelser (cami) og IT-combi surveys within all target groups.
  • MEGAFON offers competent consulting in the areas of communication, marketing, branding, crm/dm, product development, information architecture, user satisfaction and popular satisfaction etc. We have a vast experience of many years in many lines of businesses which qualifies us to offer professional consulting.

The goal of the MEGAFON team is to create usefull insight of a high quality by the means of qualitative and quantitative research. Our values build on credibility and quality.At MEGAFON the focus is on the clients' needs which we approach with commitment, loyalty and professionalism — and the small client is just as important as the big one.

MEGAFON has specialized in conducting fast and thorough individually tailormade projecs on a small as well as a large scale with a close and natural coupling of qualitative and quantitative methods.

MEGAFON's Divisions

MEGAFON two divisions are:
  • Private Division, which is directed towards the private market, including business2consumer and business2businnes.
  • Public Division, which is directed towards the special issues related to the political sphere and public service.


Highly qualified employees

The MEGAFON consultants all hold Masters degrees and have many years of experience in market research, marketing, statistics, communication and journalism. MEGAFON employs about 100 persons including callers.

We emphasize that MEGAFON's consultants are competent, experienced and committed. Market research is never better than the consultant that manages the project and the commitment which is put into the work. We therefore use many resources to maintain a high level of competence among our consultants as well as our callers.

The personal skills and knowledge of the callers has great influence on the quality of the surveys. It is important that the callers possess academic skills, but it is every bit as important that they possess the human qualities you need to conduct interviews. MEGAFON is therefore very committed to the selection and training of our callers.

All callers are paid by the hour and are hereby not on a commission. This ensures a thorough completion of every single interview. It is our policy that we mainly employ callers who are able to stay with us for a longer period of time. This provides continuity and enables us to preserve and expand the knowledge base in the company.

Innovation and Development of Methods

MEGAFON allocates many recources to make sure that we are always on the edge in the business.

This means that MEGAFON continuously develops and tests new qualitative and quantitative methods for data collecting and analysis, and MEGAFON was therefore one of the pioneers in Denmark in using web surveys and to use sms and mobile phones in the data collecting process.

At MEGAFON one of our primary priorities is to continuously improve and optimize our work procedures. And we emphasize that everything from test design to completion and reporting reflects that MEGAFON is one of the leading research institutes with regards to methodological and technological innovation in market research.

ISO 20252-certified

MEGAFON was ISO 20252-certified by Dansk Standard in March 2008 as one of the first Danish research institutes.

See our certificate.

More on how you as a client can benefit from working with a ISO-certified market research supplier

MEGAFON is ISO-certified and a member of:

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact MEGAFON at +45 77 41 41 41 or
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