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MEGAFON's Quality


Clear and Precise Research

Our motto is: "We know the Danes". It might as well have been: "Denmark's most precise research institute", as MEGAFON has delivered the most precise forecastings at most of the elections and referendums held since 1999.

Large nation wide elections and referendums pose the only real opportunity for you, as a buyer of market researh, to compare the best suppliers in the market. Not only do all the most important research institutes participate in these events. Elections are also unique in the sense, that it is possible to compare the forecastings with an actual result. Hereby you are able to measure the quality of the work that each research institute delivers.


Content clients

We know, that the quality of MEGAFON's work is really high. Our clients tell us so! We conduct client satisfacton surveys continuosly and we get very high ratings among our clients for the work we deliver.
For a buyer of market research it can be very difficult to know the difference between good and bad quality, when it comes to market research. There are many suppliers on the market and many types of market reseach are offered.  
The image shows MEGAFON's customer satisfaction. The dark blue columns show the very contended customers, the green show our contended customers whereas the light green indicate those of our customers who answers either/ or.
As a buyer you may have a difficult time securing that the quality of the work from a given supplier meets your demands.And it may be difficult to determine whether or not the 500 interviews you have bought have been conducted among the proper respondents or if the consultant has focused on the right topics and has formulated the questions in a constructive way.

At MEGAFON we always make sure that our clients get a thorough insight of what is going on in the ”machine room”, when we conduct a survey. Via our quality manual, which is the basis of our ISO-certificate, all of our clients are able to follow, how we conduct our surveys. We have appointed procedures for all work routines, and our clients are always welcome to be briefed on and to comment on the way we conduct our surveys. We are more than happy to involve our clients in the work we do.


MEGAFON is ISO-certified and a member of ESOMAR

MEGAFON was one of the first research institutes in the country to be ISO-certified in accordance with the trade specific ISO 20252-standard. This standard regulates how market research must be conducted. MEGAFONfully lives up to all standards and is also a member of ESOMAR andFMD. This does not mean that we are not better than the rules to which we adhere.The ISO-standards and ESOMAR define minimum demands of the work the research institutes do. But at MEGAFON we take pride in being much better than the standard demands.
If you want to know more about MEGAFON's high quality, or if you have questions about projects, you are welcome to contact us on ph.: +45 77 41 41 41.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact MEGAFON at +45 77 41 41 41 or
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