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Image and branding

We are used to evaluating brands on general parameters as differentiation, relevance, esteem and knowledge. But what does it more specifically imply for your brand? What defines quality, relevance and uniqueness in your brand category — and what lies at the root of the brand’s positions on such parameters?

Tailored solutions

MEGAFON has many years’ experience with tailored branding analyses that openly and precisely define exactly your brand value.

By typically beginning qualitatively, for example through in-depth or group interviews, we get an explorative and unbiased picture of your target audience’s view of your brand and the category it is part of. When we know what dimensions and parameters are crucial to exactly your brand and brand category, we have a solid starting point for a quantification through which we, with statistical certainty, can place your brand in relation to your competitors. In this way, we can answer how the brand is positioned today (A position) and how it is positioned compared to your strategy or the target group’s wishes (the brand’s B positions).

Identity, branding and image

Our approach to branding is strongly inspired by semiotics and rhetoric. We, in this way, consider branding as parallel to language, where concrete objects are conveyed through signs to the receivers and their interpretation, thus constituting three dimensions of reality. Within branding, this is analogue to the company’s or the brand’s identity, the narrative about it and the perception of it:




These three realities — the identity, the communication and the perception — are inextricably intertwined and affect each other. No matter in which dimension you need adjustments, you are better off with a solid data foundation and knowledge about where your stakeholders see your brand now, and where they envision it going. We can dive into the identity by asking your employees, we can test your communication and we can uncover the perception among your external target groups.

Put differently, we answer the key questions: what is your A brand, what do the stakeholders think should be your B-brand and how do you get from A to B?

More information - please contact:

Connie F. Larsen
Head of Citizen Satisfaction

Direct phone: (+45) 77 41 41 16
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Jacob Falk Ebbekær
Research project consultant

Direct phone: (+45) 77 41 41 65
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