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We know the Danes

The latest MEGAFON poll shows ...

The Danes want a new government, the Danes think glasses are too expensive, only 20% of Danish couples have made a will ...

The headlines are many because MEGAFON is there when society needs insight and overview of the Danish views and opinions. We are there when the media want insight into Danish political leanings, when companies want successful development, when organizations want to be the preferred workplace, when municipalities want to develop their services to the Danes, and when foreign companies want to invest in Denmark or offer interesting new products to the Danish consumers.

How we work

We collect, process and analyze data with attention to the nuances that can make all the difference, and we offer solid advice that brings you well onward.

MEGAFON's approach draws on a fundamental understanding of and interest in qualitative knowledge. We are curious to understand what lies behind attitudes and behavior, and we gather inspiration from sociological, psychological and anthropological models of explanation.

Through our qualitative approach and carefully selected respondents, we have since 1999 generally provided the most accurate results in elections and referendums. Elections and referendums are obvious occasions to compare the quality of research companies, because the analyses can be checked against the facts. Our polls and exit polls have tended to be those that came closest to the final result.

Continued success requires ongoing insight

We live in a dynamic world that is constantly changing and challenges us on the ability to create continual growth - the creation of value which is the very foundation for sustainable and attractive business.

The ability to generate value is based on a constant feel for the current beliefs and future desires and needs in the society. MEGAFON keeps you updated with your target groups - we are curious about the society we live in, the world of our clients and their challenges. We provide accurate insight and guidance in turning knowledge into value for our clients - it's the centerpiece of our work.

Should the next MEGAFON poll be about you?

Call or write for an informal talk - we give free advice until you are clarified with your problem, then we are likely to be able to assist you with focused, targeted surveys.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact MEGAFON at +45 77 41 41 41 or
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