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MEGAFON - a quality stamp on your analysis

MEGAFON ensures reliability

You may need to be able to demonstrate that you have high customer or employee satisfaction. Or that your product is known, used and appreciated in the markets. Or that the market has an interest in the product you are considering to launch.

In these cases it is valuable to get a market analysis done - but if quality and reliability matter and you have to convince your stakeholders, the choice of company can make a significant difference.

A market analysis conducted by a known and recognized research institute is of course more reliable und thus more useful in your marketing. With the MEGAFON stamp on your analysis, you are guaranteed high quality, independence and a strong brand, you can use in communicating the results.

Most precise institute in the past 10 years

At elections and referendums since 1999 MEGAFON has generally been the most accurate research agency. Elections and referendums are obvious opportunities to compare the institutes’ quality, because the prognoses and exit-polls can be compared to the final result. Our prognoses and exit polls have generally been the ones that came closest to the final result.

These results contribute to our strong and public well-known brand. Hardly a week passes without our surveys being mentioned in the national media, not just our two media partners, TV 2 and Politiken — Denmark’s biggest TV-channel and newspaper. Among younger Danes, we are the best known research institute, among others we rank 2nd.

MEGAFON's quality assurance

The recipe for success is the combined use of a variety of research methods. When we started in 1991, we performed only qualitative studies, such as focus group and in-depth interviews, which are suitable methods to generate "thick description”, causal explanations and new ideas on the specific field of research.

Later, in 1996, we expanded the capacity to include quantitative methods, such as telephone and internet surveys that allow for generalization and generate statistically valid results.

Usually it is the combination of methods that gives the best insight. Ex: Before elections and referendums qualitative interviews with doubters provide a better indication of what they will ultimately vote than purely quantitative interviews.

Another MEGAFON quality is the industry-specific guidelines for quality and ethics in market research that we are required to follow due to our ISO certificate.

On our website you can read more about our quality, methods and products.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact MEGAFON at +45 77 41 41 41 or
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