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Employee analysis

Do you really know how your employees are faring? MEGAFON offers employee analyses.

Sick leave, difficulties in cooperation and lack of engagement are topics that at times challenge most companies. Numerous factors influence the well-being of your employees and the overall work environment — MEGAFON helps you identify these, aiming at improving your company’s productivity. Healthy and dedicated employees are more motivated for positive cooperation.

One of the purposes of an employee analysis is to verbalize the challenges and causes for both concern and satisfaction your employees are experiencing on a day-to-day basis — how do they perceive their daily challenges and the tools available to solve these within your company structure? Are their personal needs and ambitions satisfied? How do they perceive your company’s expectations of them as employees, and what expectations do your employees have in relation to management?

Experience shows that most employees are positively inclined towards an employee analysis — it provides an opportunity for them to have their say, and to feel involved in your company on a more general basis.

An employee analysis can answer questions such as:

  • How do your employees perceive and evaluate your company’s overall targets, and how do they perceive management — are targets realistic, and what does management expect and require of its employees?

  • How does the individual employee experience and evaluate the content or tasks related to their job? Topics such as influence on planning and execution of the tasks of the individual employee, the perceived possibilities of self-development or career progress within the job, and wages are usually focal points.

  • How is the communication between employees, and moreover between employees and management, experienced and evaluated? And what can be done to improve this communication?

  • How is the physical and mental environment perceived at the workplace?

  • What improvements in key areas of the workplace are wanted by your employees?

An analysis within your company’s employees gives you an operational insight into your employees’ points-of-views and desires, resulting in a precise and detailed knowledge as to how to improve your employees’ work satisfaction and thus improve your company’s total performance.


An employee analysis can be completed through utilization of various research techniques — usually we apply a combination of quantitative and qualitative methodology, of course depending on the specific focus of the employee analysis and the allocated budget for such an analysis. We recommend an initial qualitative ‘exploration’ of perceived problems or issues (usually through focus groups or in-depth interviews), using these results to structure a quantitative survey-type questionnaire, to ensure that the ‘right’ questions are asked in your specific case. The results from the questionnaire are subsequently used to quantify knowledge — to provide a sound basis to make more generalized conclusions regarding your entire staff. At times there can be a benefit in turning this process upside down, performing a survey in the initial phase and then applying the qualitative methodology to gather clarifying comments on the results of the survey.

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Dorte Krüger Molin
Sales Manager and Business Developer

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