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Publicity / Media coverage

MEGAFON helps you set the agenda

With a fresh opinion poll from MEGAFON you will get the opportunity to make media start up debates on the topics you want to focus on.

To a growing extent Danish media base their news stories on opinions polls. More opinions polls than ever before are being made, and media often support their news stories with opinion polls to frame topics and debates in a certain way. We often see decision makers, both political and commercial, rely on these data. Media-covered cases will often influence political debate and decision-making.

In comparison with other means, opinion polls can thus be quite an efficient tool. If the opinion poll supports your message, the media story based on your poll is more reliable than ads.

So, in brief: If your company or organization wants to put a certain topic on the media agenda, an opinion poll will probably help you. The results can of course be used in your internal, strategic work as well.

MEGAFON — one of the leading institutes in Denmark

MEGAFON frequently conduct opinion polls for Danish media, both political opinion polls that show the current support for all Danish parties and polls that examine the population’s view of a wide range of political and commercial topics, e.g. labor market, asylum rules, consumption, etc. We cooperate with two of the biggest media companies, TV2 (television) and Politiken (print), which means that our work is exposed to the majority of the Danish population on a weekly basis.

MEGAFON’s surveys are among the most precise and reliable on the market. During the last 10 years elections and referendums, MEGAFON’s exit polls were in general the ones that came closest to the final result.

MEGAFON is therefore public known and an acknowledged brand, which will of course be in your favor regarding the specific opinion poll you want to publish — our brand enhances the chance of getting the media’s attention.


Opinion polls draw on quantitative methods; either telephone (CATI) or web (CAWI) surveys — or a combination of these two ("IT-Combi”). If you want an in-depth analysis of the results with the purpose of getting insight knowledge regarding the causation behind the findings, we recommend qualitative methods, e.g. in-depth or focus group interviews.

More information - please contact:

Asger H. Nielsen

Phone: (+45) 77 41 41 41
E-mail: more

Casper Ottar Jensen
Head of Quantitative Section

Phone: (+45) 77 41 41 41
E-mail: more

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact MEGAFON at +45 77 41 41 41 or
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