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Online group interview

MEGAFON has developed a program, which makes it possible to carry through group interviews online. By principle the online group works the same way as a physical group, the only difference is that the discussion takes place through the Internet. The discussion is controlled by a moderator, and the participants write and send their contributions as in a chat.
Online group interviews are appropriate, when the target group of the survey is used to the Internet and can communicate in a chat like forum. Groups carried through online is often connected to lower expenses than physical group interviews.
Compared with physical groups, the online groups are time saving because neither participants, moderator nor customer need to transport themselves to a certain location where a group is hold. This creates the possibility in a survey to include respondents who otherwise would have declined to participate because of transportation time, and respondents who would have been kept out from the beginning due to physical distance. It is not typical that the participants in a group interview come from different parts of Denmark, but exactly the geographical spread is possible (and evident) by the use of online groups.

The online group interview seems less disturbing on the respondents because they can participate from their own computer. Because the respondents are separated from each other physically, the possibility that everybody gets to speak is enlarged, and at the same the dominance from individuals is reduced. The physical distance further provides that the respondents experience a higher degree of anonymity and thereby a feeling of greater psychological security. In addition, the physical distance between the respondents, provides the effect that the respondents' social filters are weakened, with which more “honest” answers are developed, and the survey's plausibility value is enlarged.

A further advantage of an online group interview is that the customer and the moderator are able to withhold an enlarged contact during the interview. This means that the customer can provide wishes and inputs to questions during the interview.

Finally the written communication, that takes place during the online group interview, means that the transcription is available instantly. In practice, this means an easier procedure before the writing of the report and this is of course assisting to reduce the expenses of the survey.

Learn more about how MEGAFON carries through groups online, by contacting Claus Bornemann on

MEGAFON can of course also do in depth interviews online.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact MEGAFON at +45 77 41 41 41 or
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