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Quantitative methods

"A MEGAFON-poll shows..."

A great number of the Danes know MEGAFON for our political polls often brought in the media. The political polls are carried out in our quantitative department.
Quantitative studies can lay down the size of certain observations. As an example, they can quantitatively estimate how often Danish people visit a gym on an average level. Or they can be used to determine how many of the Danish people would vote for Anders Fogh Rasmussen or another candidate, if an election was held tomorrow.

At MEGAFON we are experts in conducting representative, valid and reliable quantitative surveys — in fact, we are the best in Denmark in this field. We know that for sure since we have delivered the most precise polls during the six latest referendums. We see this as a clear indicator of how precise our surveys really are.
A quantitative survey is of more value, the more representative, valid and reliable it is. The fact that a survey is representative means that the results are similar to the results you would get if the whole target group were interviewed. Validity shows to what extent the answers conducted reflect the respondent's actual opinions etc. High reliability means that if the survey was carried out once again, the same results would appear.

Gathering of quantitative data

There is more than one way to gather quantitative data.

Quantitative surveys are often carried out through questionnaires. These can either appear on the Internet, on the cell phone, in a letter or they can take place as face-to-face interviews or telephone interviews. Data for the same survey can be gathered with different methods. For example as an IT-combi survey where data is gathered through questionnaires on the Internet and telephone interviews.

MEGAFON employs about 80-100 fully trained interviewers, who all gather data for quantitative surveys via telephone as well as in person. At MEGAFON we highly appreciate our interviewers who often stay with us for long period of time. Like this, our interviewers are experienced and thoroughly minded. The interviewers are not paid by productivity which means that the respondent has enough time to understand and answer all questions. This raises the quality of every single interview.


When is the quantitative study particularly suitable?

Quantitative surveys are carried out when statistical representative answers of a certain population is needed.
Quantitative studies are suitable for either confirming or denying hypotheses about a topic or a problem, that already has been identifies qualitatively. At the same time, they are the only surveys that can come up with exacts answer to the spread of a particular phenomenon or a point of view within a big population.

Combination of methods

In short, a qualitative survey can open the way for new perspectives and they can generate hypotheses and ideas. Then, we test the hypotheses and ideas through the quantitative survey in order to find out whether they are repeated in the whole target group.
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