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DR Licence — who are the licence evaders?

Together with Danish Broadcasting Corporation, DR MEGAFON has carried out a big qualitative and quantitative survey about licence fee and licence evasion.

Some of the survey's results:

The survey reveals that licence evaders appreciate DR as a public service channel. About 80% of the licence evaders think that Denmark needs a public service channel like DR. Moreover only 50% of the licence evaders think that the licence system is unfair.

So the question is: Why do the licence evaders not pay the fee since the majority of them appreciate the system? The most common answer to this question is that the licence evaders do not think that there is enough money in the budget of the household. They simply do not think that they can afford it.

20% of the respondents explain that they would pay the licence fee if the bill was cheaper. 8% of them think that the licence fee ought to be dependent on income. Finally, 7% think that the licence fee should be adjusted on how much each individual makes use of the services provided by DR.

The licensed viewers — on the other hand - started paying the fee when they moved away from home (35%), but for some of them (15%) a letter had to remind them of the licence fee, before they started paying it.

Furthermore the survey revealed that the licensed viewers were afraid of getting cought if they did not pay the fee. About 70% of the licensed viewers find it embarrising to get caught as a licence evader. One third of the licence evaders feel the same way.

The survey in practice:

The survey was divided into a qualitative part and a quantitative part. The qualitative sub-survey was conducted as focus group interviews as well as in-depth interviews. The objective was to create a number of hypotheses about licensed viewers and licence evaders in order to contribute with a detailed picture of the Danes' opinion of licence.

This was followed up by a quantitative sub-survey in which the focus was to quantify different point of views identified among licensed viewers and licence evaders in the qualitative part of the survey.

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