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Qualitative methods

Qualitative methods can be used to gain in-depth knowledge about a given topic and with a qualitative research method one gains insight of the respondents' motives, attitudes and behaviour/conduct.

MEGAFON has long-standing experience with qualitative research

Qualitative analysis was the original base of MEGAFIN. Group interviews, in-depth interviews and other qualitative methods have from the beginning been at the core of our business.

Where as the quantitative analysis answers questions concerning “how many”, the qualitative analysis answers questions concerning “why” and “how”- qualitative analysis takes the context in which the question and the respondent's answer is situated into account, and qualitative analysis is based on the wish to let the respondent's own wording and explanations surface in order to create a nuanced, complex and realistic picture of the research problem.

At MEGAFON we have some of the most experienced and competent moderators and interviewers to conduct our qualitative analysis. MEGAFON's moderators and interviewers all have in-depth insight in marketing and communication. This means that we have the experience with and the ability to formulate precise questions, interpret the answers and give a clear and very usable summary of the results.

The gathering of qualitative data

There are several ways in which we can gather qualitative data. The most traditional ways are group interviews and in-depth interviews, but besides these MEGAFON has experience with methods such as observation and workshops.

Qualitative interviews are conducted face-to-face at MEGAFON's own localities, at the respondent's home or where the respondent goes, by telephone or internet — depending on the topic, the client and the respondent. The practical completion of the qualitative survey is tailor-made according to the specific analysis.

When is the qualitative method suitable?

Our customers often ask us when respectively qualitative or quantitative methods should be used.

Qualitative studies are suitable when our customer wishes an in-depth insight in the motives, attitudes and behaviour of the target group — when our customer wants a solid and in-depth knowledge about his or her customer.

Qualitative studies are suitable as pilot studies when the first in-depth enquiry into the characteristics of the target group is taken. In the qualitative survey one can construct hypotheses or one can let the respondents generate ideas which can be tested quantitative later on, by means of which the reflections that have surfaced in the qualitative survey, are quantified.

The combination of methods

One can say that where the qualitative analysis can show new perspectives and can generate ideas and hypotheses, it is in the quantitative analysis that we for our customer test the hypotheses and the ideas and find out if they are representative for the whole target group.

Qualitative interviews are often useful both as a prerequisite and supplement to a quantitative survey, and at MEGAFON we typically recommend combining the methods because they each have strengths.

If you would like to hear more about combinations of methods then call one of MEGAFON's advisers/consultants on Tel. 77 41 41 41.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact MEGAFON at +45 77 41 41 41 or
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