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Group interview

The group interview is a qualitative method of collection of data, where 6 to 12 people are gathered either physically or online to discuss an issue.

The respondents in the group interview are composed on the basis of criteria, which are established before the respondents are invited to participate. Therefore it is a relative homogeneous group of people, which achieve a feeling of community around the issue that is the centre of the discussion. When a group of people exchange point of views and experiences under regulation of a moderator from MEGAFON, a useful group dynamic is being created, which give a very varied and detailed knowledge about a clearer defined issue.     
Because of the dynamic nature, which characterise the group interview, this method of analysis is appropriate to use in creative purposes, for instance with a view to develop new ideas for product development, advertising campaigns, positioning or brand building. The method is also suitable to illustrate how people in a community through utterance, body language and facial expression etc. influence each other — and it is for example useful if you wish to establish preferences of certain products and brands.  

MEGAFON offers four different types of group interviews:
  • Mini groups
  • Standard groups
  • Tendency groups
  • Enlarged groups
These groups encompass the clients' varied needs concerning the process of the survey and the depth of the report. MEGAFON's consultants give you a thorough advice on what kind of group interview is most suitable for the purpose of your survey.

Online group interview

MEGAFON has developed a program, which makes it possible to carry through group interviews online. By principle the online group works the same way as a physical group, the only difference is that the discussion takes place through the Internet. The discussion is controlled by a moderator, and the participants write and send their contributions as in a chat.

Online group interviews are appropriate when the target group of the survey is used to the Internet and can communicate in a chat like forum. Groups carried through online is often connected to lower expenses than physical group interviews.

Compared with physical groups, the online groups are time saving because neither participants, moderator nor customer need to transport themselves to a certain location where a group is hold. This creates the possibility in a survey to include respondents who otherwise would have declined to participate because of transportation time, and respondents who would have been kept out from the beginning due to physical distance. It is not typical that the participants in a group interview come from different parts of Denmark, but exactly the geographical spread is possible (and an evident advantage) by the use of online groups.
Read more about MEGAFON's online groups here.
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